About Us

Some words over the History of MAZZA Décolletage.
Mr Fernand Mazza Company founder mazza decolletage

Created in 1961 by Mr. Fernand MAZZA, the company is traditional. By taking over the company from 1988 his children have insured the legacy.

In 1990: growthness of the demand. The company is transferred in new premises, it is in 2009 when the latter are enlarged to meet the requirements even better of the clientele.

MAZZA Decolletage is located in "la vallée de l'Arve", working for the automobile industry, renewable energies, household electrical appliances, hydraulics, equipment furnishing.

Our Work

Machining of small and big series in all kind of steels and plastics, from 3 up to 250 mm, in bars and chucked parts.



Mazza Decolletage : cnc turning, fitting, shaft, jointing, automatic turning, cnc, ring, pulg, bolt, button, knurled knob, spline, nut, spacer, taper, milling, pin, core, turned part, workpiece, piston, washer, sub-assembly, tie-rod, shank, valve, screw