The automotive industry

MAZZA Décolletage manufactures turned parts and components for the automobile, utility vehicle, shipping and marine industries:
  • Type of parts:
    • Spacer ring insert, butting, extenders, axis, axis to see, patella, stem, valve, PIN, piston, roller, flange, plug, nut, pawn, screws, support, stem, rivet, tip, needle, pulling, Stud, pump-bushings, pole cores, and hollow bolts.

  • Materials machined
    • Steel (S300pb, Etg100, Etg 25, 42cd4, 40Cmd8, 35Nc6), brass (Cuzn39Pb3, Cuzn36Pb3), stainless steel (303, 304l, 316l, 420, 431), plastic (Ptfe, Pa6/6), Aluminium (7075,5086), inconel.

  • Applications:
    • Interior layout plane, outdoor safety equipment, equipment airstrip, conveyor.
insert pedal axis rectified axis


Mazza Decolletage :cnc turning, fitting, shaft, jointing, automatic turning, cnc, ring, pulg, bolt, button, knurled knob, spline, nut, spacer, taper, milling, pin, core, turned part, workpiece, piston, washer, sub-assembly, tie-rod, shank, valve, screw